Treating Inca

DZG’s Asiatic black bear, Inca, is well and truly spoilt by keepers, who buy her tasty goodies each month.

Senior Keeper, Sarah Evans, regularly spends her own money to treat the UK’s last remaining moon bear, with sugar-free jams including mixed fruit and strawberry, peanut butter, apple sauce and honey.

Sarah said: “At 37 years-old and more than a decade over the life expectancy of an Asiatic black bear, Inca’s a special bear who deserves to be spoilt in her old-age.

“So once a week I soak her normal omnivore pellets in water, which I mix in with one of the preserves and roll into balls for her and as soon as she smells the sweet treat, she’s straight over to lap it up, with her favourite definitely peanut butter and honey.”

  • We’re offering adventurers currently hunting out bears on Birmingham’s Big Sleuth trail the chance to come and see Inca for themselves when they unlock a reward child goes free voucher on our DZG sponsored bear in Brindleyplace! Our colourful bear can be found in Oozells Square and is number 55 on the trail map and there’s still a week left to find them as the public art trail runs until Sunday, 17 September.