Treat for wild birds

It’s National Nest Box Week (Feb 14 – 21) and we’re doing our bit to look after visiting wild birds with more than 100 fat balls installed across the site for our feathered friends.

Senior Keeper Lesley Lewis – pictured with a new bird table which has been put up in the farm – said it is important to look after the wild visitors, especially when temperatures fall.

She said: “We do get quite a lot of small wild birds flying around the farm so our volunteer carpenters Geoff Benbow and Rob Jurczenko have built a bird table and we’ve put up plenty of fat balls to make sure our feathered friends are well fed this winter.

“We get plenty of small birds visiting, such as robins, blue tits, sparrows and wrens.”

And throughout the week in the Discovery Centre, our presenters will be talking about blue tits, great tits, wrens and starlings and how we can all look after them.

There’s a display board with facts about the feathered four and creative visitors can also colour pictures of the wild birds. The finished artwork can then be added to a wooden tree inside the Discovery Centre so the masterpieces can be admired by visitors throughout the week.

Curator Matt Lewis installs one of the new nest boxes decorated by young visitors.