Travel Light Tuesday

DZG staff are perfect promoters for Travel Light Tuesday – day two of Go Green Week.

Our employees do their fair share of walking around our 40 acres and the only vehicles we have on site are delivery vans and heavy plant machinery.

We also make sure all our foodstuffs are purchased locally so we can give our animals fresh, healthy food and cut down on travel miles.

DZG Chief Executive Peter Suddock said: “Since the zoo was founded in 1937 we have sourced locally-grown food and bought from suppliers on our doorstep.

“Not only does this mean we can give our animals fresh and good quality food but it cuts down on travel time, fuel costs and emissions which can only be good for the environment.”

And let’s not forget our lowest emission form of transport – DZG’s fabulous vintage chairlift.

The chairlift was relaunched in August 2012 following a £117,000 Heritage Lottery funded refurb after being out of use for more than a decade.

DZG Chief Executive Peter Suddock said: “The chairlift is an excellent example for Travel Light Tuesday as it is powered by electricity and because people go up and down at the same time, it saves energy.”

It was the first passenger-carrying aerial ropeway to be installed in England and transports visitors from the zoo’s lower zone to the 11th century Dudley Castle on the upper level, within a two-minute journey.

The trip offers panoramic views across Sandwell to Birmingham, and travels directly over flamingoes and our £20,000 exhibit Baboons on the Bank, home to a five-strong group of Gelada baboons which was officially launched last year by TV presenter and conservationist, Bill Oddie!

Today’s Top Tip: Don’t take the car – use public transport, cycle or walk to work, school or university.

And tomorrow… Waste not Wednesday, when we throw the spotlight on one creepy crawly that’s an excellent recycler!