Transparent tube travelling

Our leaf cutter ants are feeling at home and have now started to travel through the network of transparent tubes – passing another brand new species to DZG along the way!

The custom-built exhibit in the indoor chimp viewing area is home to 3,000 ants and encompasses the two large windows, with the ants recently starting to use the clear piping as they make their way around the room.

And a middle tank, where the ants collect their browse from, has been isolated by water which now houses vampire crabs – another first for DZG!

Curator Richard Brown, said: “Since arriving earlier this year the leaf cutter ants have proved to be really popular with visitors. They’re incredibly active and it’s great to see how the colony have now starting to expand its fascinating day-to-day work through the entire exhibit.”

Native to the regions of Southeast Asia, freshwater vampire crabs get their name from their bright coloured eyes and their nocturnal feeding habits.