Traffic light safety

A traffic light system is helping keepers observe safety measures in the Reptile House.

Senior Keeper Sam Grove, pictured above, has devised the new red, yellow and green door codes, which easily identify the handling risks of each animal.

The colour-coded information sheets have been installed on the off-show outer door of each enclosure in the Reptile House and not only inform keepers if the animals are capable of being handled, but also the species information and diet.

Sam said: “I came up with the colour coding sheets so that it will not only help staff who aren’t familiar with the Reptile House’s stock if ever they have to cover, but also remind everyone of the risks of each animal.”

A green sign means the reptile is capable of being handled and safe to work around and can be found on the doors of animals such as eyed dabb lizard, hermann’s tortoise and Solomon island ground boa.

Yellow signifies staff need to take caution when handling as the animal may be aggressive such as red-tailed green ratsnake and rhinoceros iguanabut they are safe to work around.

And the likes of the blood python, boa constrictor and nile monitor, have red signs on their doors, indicating they can’t be handled and caution should be taken around them when working in the enclosure.

Sam added: “The sheets will give an immediate warning of what animal is inside although they are just guidelines as all animals can react differently depending on many different variables.”