Traditional Good Friday treats

It’s Good Friday and some of DZG’s animals have traditional fare on the menu today.

Brazilian tapirs, Meena and Chico, Asiatic black bear, Inca and Bornean orangutans Jazz, Sprout, Jorong and Benji were treated to hot cross buns for breakfast.

Curator Richard Brown, said: “The spiced bun, made with dried fruit and spices, is a special treat for some of our animals, that they only get at this time of year.

“We allowed them one each, but they didn’t last long and soon wolfed them down in a few mouthfuls.”

We’re gearing up for a busy Easter weekend, with activities including extra animal talks and feeds, an Easter bunny trail around the 40-acre site with the chance to win an adoption for our giant rabbit, Maisie, plus colouring in activities on the farm and restaurant. 

And don’t forget we’ll be handing out free chocolate to young visitors Easter Sunday & Bank Holiday Monday!