Toys and treats

DZG’s blue and gold macaw, Charlie, has been well and truly spoilt thanks to the generosity of her adopter.

Christine Clive, who has been adopting the Discovery Centre’s popular parrot for the past seven years, sent us a generous donation along with a bag of Charlie’s favourite nuts for Christmas.

And Presenter Heather John spent the money on bags of whole nuts, plus a number of parrot toys, which is keeping Charlie entertained while she’s currently off show due to necessary precautions against avian flu.

Heather said: “For the time being, Charlie is keeping us company in the Discovery Centre’s offices.

“We’re very grateful to Christine for thinking so kindly of Charlie once again.

“We’ve spent the donation on lots of bird toys, which are keeping her busy while she’s not able to greet visitors.

“We’re also treating her daily to the walnuts and hazelnuts alongside her usual daily diet, which she’s very much appreciating!”

Christine also sent money and treats for Sumatran tiger, Daseep, another of her adopted animals on site and big cat keepers have put her donation towards a big reel of thick rope, which can be used to make a scratch post in all the big cat enclosures.

Thank you very much, Christine from Charlie and Daseep!

Watch Charlie in the short video below discovering her gifts!