Tortoises on the move

Four DZG tortoises are settling into a new abode in our Monkey Tails walkthrough exhibit.

Lower Primates Trainee Keeper Jade Reddall welcomes two of the new arrivals.

African spurred tortoises, Larry and Percy, and Hermann’s tortoises, Tiggy and Tom, have moved house from the ungulates section to a newly-refurbished enclosure in Monkey Tails.

Lower Primates Section Leader, Nicola Wright, said the four were getting used to their new surroundings and were looking forward to getting lots of visitors this Easter.

She said: “All four tortoises have settled in well and they demolished all the grass within hours!”

Larry and Percy are both 10 years old and weigh around 27kg. Tiggy is 24 and Tom’s 22. They each weigh 2kg.

Head on over to Monkey Tails to see the new occupants who’ll be keeping our titi and saki monkeys company.