Tortoises have a ball!

Four DZG tortoises had a ball when feeding time rolled around in our Monkey Tails exhibit.

ABOVE – Roll up! Roll up! Grass is served in plastic balls for four of our tortoises

African spurred tortoises, Larry and Percy, and Hermann’s tortoises, Tiggy and Tom, enjoyed munching on grass and grated carrot packed inside plastic balls with holes in.

Lower Primates Senior Keeper Stacey Ball said the four, who moved into a newly-refurbished enclosure in the walkthrough attraction in April, enjoyed their interesting feast.

She said: “We try and make feeding fun for the all our animals and come up with enrichment exercises on a weekly basis.

“The tortoises definitely enjoyed rolling the balls around to get to the grass.

“They have very good colour eye sight and nudged the coloured balls, following them around the enclosure.”

ABOVE – Keeping an eye on the ball… tortoises are great at following the ball around

Larry and Percy are both 12 years old and weigh around 27kg. Tiggy is 26 and Tom’s 24 and they each weigh 2kg.

See the tortoises enjoying their feeding time in our video below