Toads join campaign

Five strange-looking toads are helping DZG support an international conservation campaign.

The two-year EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria) project aims to raise €750,000 towards conserving animals in Southeast Asia  which are declining at a rapid rate – and five bony-headed toads are providing the perfect opportunity for DZG to highlight the campaign.

Presenter Caroline Howard, said: “All 345 EAZA members in 41 countries have been asked to support the campaign by raising awareness of Southeast Asian native animals, by linking the project to species in their own collections and our toads are a perfect link to the programme.”

Bony-headed toads are native to Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos and China where they live in streams. The species is affected by habitat destruction.

Presenter Becky Iwahashi with one of five bony-headed toads based in the Discovery Centre.