Titi monkeys coming soon!

Lower Primates keepers are making final preparations ahead of the arrival of two male titi monkeys, from Sweden, later this month.

The boys are translocating from Skansen Aquarium, in Stockholm, and trainee keepers Shaun Crompton and Jade Reddall, pictured above, are preparing for the move by scrubbing a double den in our Monkey Tails walkthrough exhibit and installing branches, ropes and a swing.

The windows from the den to Monkey Tails have been boarded and taped to help the titis settle in.

Shaun said: “The swing and ropes will prepare them for the walkthrough where not all surfaces are solid.

“They will naturally be nervous until they settle into their new home so we’ve boarded up the windows to make sure they have some privacy.”

He added: “Titi monkeys are pretty little monkeys and we are all very excited they are coming.

“Once they have settled in we expect them to get on well with our sakis and squirrel monkeys in Monkey Tails.”

During the early days of introduction the new arrivals will return to their den at night.

COMING SOON: two male titi monkeys who are transferring from a Stockholm collection as part of an international conservation programme. Native to South America, the monkeys have long, soft reddish / brownish fur with a lighter underside.