Tipping the scales!

Keepers have been getting the measure of creatures down on the DZG Farm – with some new digital scales.

Knox, our pygmy hedgehog, a leopard gecko and Pocahontas the guinea pig were first to test out the new scales.

Farm Section Leader Lesley Lewis said: “We weigh all our animals monthly as part of their health checks, although we handle the smaller ones so often that we can tell if there is anything wrong.

“Because this is a new set of scales we put them into action straight away to make sure our readings were accurate.

“All the weights are recorded on a chart so if there is any significant variation between checks we can take a closer look at that animal.

“The hedgehogs, guinea pigs and leopard gecko were the first to tip the new scales and were no trouble at all.”

Down on the Farm we have three sets of scales of differing sizes so we can keep a check on all creatures great and small!