Tigers’ special visitors

Daseep and Tschuna welcomed some very special visitors on site today – their former keepers from Germany!

Big cat keepers Nadine and Katrin and photographer Barbara – pictured below with DZG’s Assistant Curator Richard Brown – travelled all the way from Wuppertal Zoo to see their two favourite tigers!

And the girls were delighted to be reunited with the keepers, who hand reared them together as cubs, as they came dashing up to the gate for a tickle as soon as they spotted them!

Katrin, who hasn’t seen the girls since they left Wuppertal in 2010, said: “Apart from being a lot bigger than they were, they haven’t changed at all. Tschuna still wanders up for a fuss and then goes off, while Daseep just wants fuss all the time. I have to admit it brought a few tears to my eye when I saw them again.”