Tiger twosome settling in

Keepers are delighted our two new tigers are settling well.

Tschuna and Daseep enjoyed a good night’s sleep and will be seeing lots of new faces throughout today as Cats Section keepers call in to say hello to our newest arrivals.

Head of Media and Communications, Jill Hitchman, said: “Keepers couldn’t believe how calm the girls were after their travels yesterday. 

“They moved into their new enclosure without any fuss, and settled in together immediately. They were too busy playing to bother with food, but they ate supper eventually and then settled down for the night.”

She added: “They will be having lots of behind-the-scenes visitors today as keepers call in to see them to sort out diet sheets and discuss quarantine regulations.”

Eighteen-month-old Amur tiger Tschuna and seventeen-month-old Daseep, a Sumatran, transferred from Wuppertal Zoo, in Germany.

The tigers will remain quarantined within their Tecton enclosure for six months.

It is the first time in 75 years since the zoo opened to the public that more than one big cat has been moved at the same time into this enclosure. The highly detailed move involved careful manoeuvring of two tiger crates into the enclosure using a full size crane. 

Jill said: “They are gorgeous girls and we know visitors will fall in love with them when they go on show to the general public next week.”

CAPTIONS: TOP: Amur beauty Tschuna.

LEFT: Sumatran stunner Daseep.

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