Tiger Tales: Marmite Moments!

Hallo Everyone!

It’s well known that you either love it or hate it and Tschuna and me are definitely divided in our taste for Marmite!

We have been testing the savoury spread as part of enrichment activities and keepers have been trailing a range of different smells and tastes around our enclosure for us to discover.

So far we have hunted out blood lollies and next on the list are sacks full of straw bedding from giraffes and tapirs.

Assistant Curator Richard Brown explained: “We regularly do enrichment activities with our big cats, as it is a chance for them to use all their natural abilities and they enjoy tracking down the different tastes and smells.

“They love the activities, but Marmite didn’t go down too well with Tschuna while Daseep just lapped it up.

“We spread it on their climbing frame and as soon as Tschuna tried it she dashed off to the water bowl to get rid of the taste, but Daseep stayed there for ages licking it all off.”


Well, that just about sums it up – all the more for me!

 Daseep XXX

CAPTIONS:?Assistant Curator Richard Brown spreads the Marmite on the tigers’ climbing frame.

That Marmite moment for DZG’s tiger twosome: Amur tiger, Tschuna (above)?hates the stuff, but Sumatran tiger, Daseep absolutely loves it!


We’re just SOOO famous – see today’s Daily Telegraph website  . . . .  Daseep X