Tiger Tales : Joao’s blog

Hi Everyone,

It’s Joao here again!

I wanted to wish everyone good luck with the DZG Onesie Walk tomorrow and to thank you all SO much for raising funds to help our Sumatran cousins in the wild.

The big start takes place at 10.30am from the Bear Ravine and Daseep and I will be rooting for you all and cheering you on from our Tecton enclosure.

Have you seen our cheering? We’ve been practising!!!

My purr-fect cheer – Come on everyone, you’ll be grrreat!

Daseep is right behind everyone too!

DZG regular Steve Weaver caught us rehearsing our motivational moves so now you’ve seen his marvellous photos, you have the proof – you know we’ll be thinking of you every step of the way!

Good luck to you all – and don’t forget to look out for your Onesie pictures on next week’s website news!

With love, 

Joao xx