Tiger awareness

Critically endangered Sumatrans, Daseep and Joao, will be helping us raise priceless awareness this Global Tiger Day.

All eyes will be on our charismatic pair, who are great ambassadors for their wild cousins on the Indonesian island of Sumatra, where there are shockingly as few as 400 left of their smallest surviving tiger subspecies.

Weekend visitors can earn their stripes by donating to 21st Century Tiger, based at ZSL London Zoo, which contributes to vital conservation projects in Asia.

Throughout today and tomorrow we’ll be holding a raffle to win a meet and greet experience with Daseep and Joao, which will be drawn and take place each day at 3.30pm.
Our face painters will also be helping visitors transform themselves into stripy big cats and we’ll also be selling tiger dress-up tails and ears to complete the makeover!
Plus visitors can find out more about tigers’ plight, with an information stand and biofacts at the enclosure, while a talk will take place at 1.15pm and the tigers will be receiving enrichment throughout the weekend.

DZG Curator Richard Brown, said: “We’re proud to be supporting Global Tiger Day and 21st Century Tiger again this year as we need to do all we can to secure a future for this magnificent species.

“Daseep and Joao are two wonderful tigers, who have been matched as part of a vital breeding programme to provide a sustainable captive population which can serve as a safety net against the very real threat of extinction.”

A century ago nine sub-species of tigers, thought to number around 100,0000, once roamed the earth. Within the last 70 years, three of these sub-species are now extinct, with less than 3,200 of the entire tiger population thought to be living freely in the wild.

The six surviving sub-species of tiger are Sumatran, Amur, Bengal, Indochinese, South China and Malayan.