Throwback Thursday…

As part of our 80th anniversary celebrations we’re going to be dipping into our archives throughout the year and offering visitors a glimpse of DZG life across the decades.

Today we’re turning the clock back to the arrival of the first sealions…

Six Californian sealions arrived in 1937 and took up residence in the Tecton concrete pool, which was specially built to conform to the shape of the existing 11th century castle moat.

An excerpt from the zoo’s guide book at the time states: “The sealion pond in a zoo is always a centre of attraction.

“These creatures, so graceful and swift in the water and yet so clumsy on land, provide a spectacle which both young and old enjoy.”

And visitors could see keepers feeding the sealions at 11.30am and 4.30pm each day, where keepers stood on the bridge between the two pools in order to throw fish to the animals on either side.

Fast forward to 2017 and our four Patagonian sealions remain in the original pool.

Learn more about our male, Oba and girls Marina, Tania and Deisy – pictured above with Senior Keeper Sarah Evans, at the daily talk and feed at 2.45pm.