Thrill-seeker turns zookeeper!

A daredevil pensioner who has tried his hand at bungee jumping, rally driving, skydiving and flying planes since retirement has added zoo keeping to his list!


Since finishing work at 61, Derek Medley from Warrington has been treated to a whole host of exhilarating experiences by his daughter Carolyn, who lives in Switzerland.

The latest unforgettable gift she bought her 69-year-old dad for Father’s Day was a Keeper for a Day experience at Dudley Zoo.

And Derek, who spent a full day feeding and caring for our collection of rare and endangered animals, had an amazing time.

He said: “The whole day was absolutely fantastic and I couldn’t believe how close I got to the animals.

“I was feeding tigers and snow leopards and giving drinks to chimps.

“I prepared fish for the penguins and fed them and tickled the tapirs on their tummies. They were as daft as a brush!

“I was shattered by the end of the day but loved every minute of it and the staff were all superb.”

Derek, who has also done white water rafting, flown a helicopter and jumped off a huge building in New Zealand now plans to take to the skies again.

He added: “I’d love to do wing-walking next when I’d be strapped to the wing of a plane and hot air ballooning is something I’m keen to try too.”

Glad your day at DZG was terrific, Derek!