Three reasons to be cheerful!

There’ll be plenty of celebrating today as one of our heaviest animals, our youngest macaque and our newest arrival all share their birthdays.

Our huge male Patagonian sealion Oba turns 18, our littlest Sulawesi crested black macaque Summer is three and our most recent resident Ellie the binturong has her first birthday.

DZG Keepers will be making sure Summer and Ellie get some birthday treats today and Oba – who tips the scales at 37 stone – will get extra attention during the 2.45pm talk and feed at the moat pool.

To mark Oba’s milestone birthday, keepers have made an awesome underwater video of the popular sealion enjoying a swim in the sunshine.

Keeper Josh Luxton and Senior Primate Keeper Jodie Dryden used two underwater cameras to capture the stunning shots.

Jodie said: “We were so delighted with the images of the birthday boy and we hope our visitors enjoy seeing Oba from a very different angle.”

Happy birthday you three!