Three new babies!

DZG has bumper baby news on our primates section following the birth of twin ring-tailed lemurs and a tiny lar gibbon.

Keepers are delighted by the arrival of the little lemurs and the lar gibbon, which are both classed as endangered in the wild.

The baby lar gibbon (pictured above right), born on March 14, is the third baby to mum Meo and dad Huggy. Their other offspring are six-year-old Penny and three-year-old Indah.

The twin ring-tailed lemurs arrived on March 18 and are incredibly the 13th and 14th babies produced at DZG by mum Phoebe and dad Frank.

Upper Primates Section Leader, Pat Stevens, said: “It’s been very busy on the primates section over the past week and we are so happy to have three new babies.

“All the youngsters are clinging to their mums, feeding fine and doing very well.

“We won’t know what sex they are for several weeks and will then come up with some suitable names.”

Be sure to say hello to our babies when you’re next at DZG!