The wonderful thing about tiggers

Summer holiday visitors have been letting us know what makes tigers special by filling in the Discovery Centre’s awareness board.


Since Global Tiger Day, when our own beautiful Sumatran tigress, Daseep, fronted the international campaign, we’ve been encouraging visitors to continue showing their support for the magnificent big cat species by adding a message to the tiger board about why they love tigers.

Visitors could choose either a Daseep or Joao comment slip to write their message on, before adding it to the wall and it’s been grrrreat to read them all!


Press Officer Rachel Hickman, said: “Visitors of all ages have been leaving their comments over the holidays, with over 100 pinned to the wall – and the Daseep and Joao split looks pretty even, so it seems they both have lots of fans!

“It was really interesting to read the messages, with many including the words ‘majestic, intelligent, awesome and beautiful’ to describe the species.

“It seems tigers are a favourite for many, so with less than 3,500 tigers in the wild it’s vital we continue to raise awareness for their plight and help save them from extinction and secure their future for generations to come.”

Pictured above: Keeper Chris Leeson adds his message to the tiger awareness board.