The root of the problem!

Ungulate keepers have begun a blitz on a troublesome weed in the wallaby enclosure thanks to the arrival of a new tool!

dzg_rag_fork1The enclosure has fallen prey to ragwort, a common native weed, which can be toxic to animals.

But with the use of their new rag fork, keepers are able to scoop out the plant quickly and easily.

Senior keeper, Laura Robbins – pictured right – said: “We used to have to pull the weeds out by hand, but to have any effect and to stop them spreading you have to make sure you take the root.

“The rag fork is brilliant and is making the job a lot less time consuming and much more efficient as it scoops up the root at the same time.

“Although the weed is toxic especially towards cattle and horses, the wallabies aren’t stupid and don’t eat it because it has quite a bitter taste, but it’s better to be safe than sorry.”