The Pokémon hunt’s on!

The hunt is well and truly on for one young Pokémon fan, who headed straight to DZG after breaking up from school today!


As soon as the school bell rang for the end of term, 11 year-old Ben Grove was hitting our Pokémon trail as he tracked our virtual critters throughout the 40 acre site.

With nine Pokéstops discovered across the zoo and a gym in the 11th century Dudley Castle courtyard, in the heart of the zoological gardens,  there are plenty to find and catch as Ben quickly found out!

And remember we’re holding Pokémon Fridays throughout August, when fans of the mobile app game can get reduced entry into the zoo to hunt out the Pokémon for themselves. 

For the reduced entry price, which is only applicable to August Fridays, gamers need to download and print off THIS VOUCHER and hand it in at the zoo entrance.

The voucher entitles four people to enjoy the cheaper admission rate. 

DZG Media and Communications Officer, Rachel Hickman, said: “With schools breaking up this week, there’s plenty of time to hunt out Pokémon over the next six weeks and we look forward to welcoming gamers throughout the holidays, particularly on our designated Pokémon Fridays.

“Ben was very excited about his haul, so why not let us know how you get on and where you find them on DZG’s Facebook page.”