The lynx effect!

Dudley Zoo’s Carpathian lynx Daisy went wild for a new scent sprayed on her climbing frame.

Keeper Josh Luxton squirted one of the perfumes donated to DZG early last year on to the wooden frame in her enclosure and she loved it.

In our video, the beautiful female can be seen rubbing her head up and down on the post, which shows her approval of the odour.

Josh said: “You could tell Daisy enjoyed this enrichment activity which encourages the natural behaviour of tracking new scents.

“She clearly liked the new perfume, otherwise she would have put her scent mark over it by spraying urine on the strange smell.”

He added that keepers came up with all sorts of enrichment ideas to keep our lynx stimulated and varied the activities often, so that the cats didn’t know what was coming next and were kept guessing.