The heat is on!

As autumn kicks in, animals across our 40-acre site hunker down in cosy enclosures.


dzg_lion_heatpad2_0_0_0Asiatic lions, Kyra and Asha look forward to the switching on of their paddock’s heat pad, with its half-ton sand topping ensuring the temperature holds, while meerkats head for the rosy glow of the heat lamp.

Many sleeping dens are fitted with energy efficient heating, and all new builds, including the tiger cubbing area and Meerkat Manor, are fully insulated.

And our tortoises are staying toasty, despite autumnal chills, thanks to the handiwork of Ungulates Team Leader Jay Haywood, pictured below.

He’s fitted flexible plastic sheeting to the door of their indoor den so our African Spurred and Hermann’s tortoises aren’t disturbed by draughts during hibernation!