The great escape

When primate keepers carried out maintenance tasks in Lemur Wood they didn’t realise their equipment was encouraging a little monkey business.

lemur_roof_3_webCheeky ring-tailed lemurs leapt on the ladder staff were using to paint the small primates’ huts and made for a quick getaway over the roof – before realising they’d been rumbled!

Team Leader Upper Primates, Pat Stevens, said: “The lemurs had been watching us decorate the huts and eyeing up the ladder.

“When we had a break they jumped on the rungs and aimed for the top.

“They couldn’t get very far as there is live perimeter fencing around the whole wood, but they are so cheeky they just couldn’t resist using the ladder to get on top of the roof.”

She added: “They soon came back down when they realised there was nothing very exciting up there.”



lemur_roof_3_web   lemur_roof_3_web