The case of the missing remote

Assistant Curator, Richard Brown, was baffled when the remote control for the zoo’s entrance gates went missing, and despite a thorough search by Ungulates staff the item remained lost . . .

  . . . until sharp-eyed keeper, Sarah Evans, spotted an unusual object as she was clearing out the giraffe bedding and recognised it as Richard’s remote. 


Richard said “I tried to work out when I had it last and looked everywhere, but couldn’t place it then Sarah found it in with the giraffe straw.

giraffe_bedding“It’s deep litter bedding that we use for the giraffes during cold spells, so there’s lots of it and it’s also very smelly and messy – but happily the controller is OK and works perfectly, although it did need a bit of a clean!” 


CAPTION: Sharp-eyed keeper Sarah Evans (above) spotted the missing remote control in the giraffes’ bedding – and reunited it with owner, Asst Curator, Richard Brown (left).