Thanks Gwen and Ken!

Our red pandas Yasmin and Gawa are in for a feast after bundles of bamboo plants were delivered to us by a kind-hearted couple.

Gwen and Ken Edge have lived at their Bridgnorth home for 40 years and offered the excess plants to DZG after reading an appeal in the press.

Gwen said: “The bamboo in our garden has remained in the same area for years but in recent years it has gone berserk and started spreading. Some time ago we had seen a story about the zoo’s request for bamboo in the local paper and wanted to help.

“We used a pick axe to cut out the roots as well so it can be planted on site and give the red pandas a good stock of their favourite food.”

Senior Keeper Jodie Dryden, who took delivery of the bamboo, said: “It was so nice of Gwen and Ken to think of us and we’re sure their donation will be appreciated by Yasmin and Gawa.”