Thanks for the thank yous!

DZG bosses were pleased to receive a pile of beautifully written thank you letters from Staffordshire youngsters who enjoyed their school trip to the zoo.


ABOVE – DZG Presenter Langan Turner shows off the thank you letters from children who enjoyed their camouflage workshop in the Discovery Centre

The pupils, from Gentleshaw Primary School, had written in to thank us for their day on site and especially for their enjoyable Colours and Camouflage education session when they met critters who are all known to use their colourings and patterns to hide from danger or attract a mate.


During the workshop they came close to some amazingly colourful creatures, including stick insects, a bearded dragon, a Brazilian rainbow boa, a salamander and our 25-year-old blue and gold macaw, Charlie.

Zoo Director Derek Grove was delighted when he received the dozens of handwritten letters from pupils thanking us for the wonderful day.

He said: “We are very grateful for all the letters of thanks we receive but to get such a stack of nicely handwritten notes from the children was a lovely surprise.”

   webdzg_camoflage_letters_1   webdzg_camoflage_letters_1

Class 2, pictured above during the workshop and visiting our animals, came on their trip back in May and wrote the letters as part of follow-up work on the visit.