Thanks for the donation

DZG’s female Rothschild’s giraffe, Josie, is sticking her neck out to say thank you to an anonymous donor who’s sent in £200 towards animal feed.


The donation was received by office staff with a brief note for it to be spent on food for our 1,300 strong collection.

Senior Curator, Derek Grove, said: “We are very lucky to have such generous supporters who take such an interest in our animals and we would like to thank this particular donor for thinking about us.

“We have more than 200 different species here on site, who all enjoy specialised diets, which meet all their nutritional needs.”

He aded: “With a weekly food bill topping £2,300, regardless of visitor numbers, we have to ensure every penny is well spent, but we also like to purchase items such as nuts, coconuts, different varieties of vegetables, which we can use as enrichment, so we’ll be spending the donation on treat foods, which will be enjoyed by our animals across the whole zoo site.”

Caption: DZG’s Rothschild’s giraffe, Josie and Keeper, Neil Flockhart say thank you to our anonymous donor.