Thanks for hanging with us!

Thanks to everyone who hung out with us for our International Orangutan Day celebrations – we pulled in more than £400.

The £439.14 total, which will be split equally between conservation charity The Orangutan Appeal UK and our own fund to build a new £800,000 exhibit for our four orangs, was raised through games including Hang like an Orang.

Our maintenance team made the sturdy frame and visitors were challenged to hang from the bar for more than two minutes for the chance to win an orang adoption for one of our charismatic four – Benji, Jorong, Jazz and Sprout. And a few people went the distance to each land a prize.

During the weekend of August 18 and 19, we also highlighted the threats critically endangered Bornean orangs face in the wild including deforestation, illegal poaching, hunting and the pet trade.

Over the last two decades, orangutans have lost more than 80 per cent of their habitat through deforestation, mainly due to plantations of palm oil, which is an ingredient used in lots of everyday items.

Conservation Officer Chris Leeson, who tried the strength test along with our Curator Richard Brown, Head of Education Phil Turner, Head Gardener Carl Stevens and Senior Primate Keeper Adam Walker, said: “We are grateful to everyone who supported us so generously.

“The weekend was a huge success. Lots of people got involved in our orang-themed games as well as learning how they can help orangs in the wild by just the way they shop.”