Thanks a bunch, Sainsbury’s!

Primates and pigs went bananas for a sweet treat after Sainsbury’s donated 15 boxes of the fruits to DZG.

The surplus stock was handed over to DZG storeman Mick Young, pictured above, after the supermarket’s depot got in touch and made the kind offer to Assistant Curator Richard Brown.

Richard said: “This was a welcome bonus for us and we are very grateful to Sainsbury’s. The bananas are nice and fresh and can be shared across the whole site.

“They will mostly be given to the ungulates such as the giraffes and tapirs but a few will go to the primates and the pigs will have some.”

And the Brazilian tapirs Meena, Chico and their son Ronnie went bananas for them when Apprentice Keeper Ellis Robinson, pictured above, handed some out. 

Richard added: “The generous gift will save us a few pennies as we won’t need to order bananas for a week now.”

Our current annual animal food bill comes in at £120,700, which is more than £2,300 per week!