Thank You, DZG!


The postman delivered a surprise parcel for DZG Presenter Pam Midwood.

The large envelope contained lots of colourful, handwritten thank you letters from pupils of Bromgrove Preparatory School, who recently took part in an Iceworlds workshop on site.

Pam, pictured right, said: “It was a lovely surprise to read all the letters and see the colourful illustrations of the zoo’s animals that they had decorated their pages with.

“It was great to read that all the children enjoyed themselves during their Discovery Centre session, where they heard all about penguins and how animals are adapted to the chilly environment and some even said it was the best school trip that they had ever been on!

“Many of the letters also said that they wanted to come back with their families, so hopefully we’ll get to welcome some of the children back on site very soon.”