Tapirs’ skins stays baby soft

Staff are making sure Brazilian tapirs’ skin stays supple with a twice weekly massage using baby oil.

tapir-oil-webKeepers in the South American ungulates paddock apply the oil to males Chico and Ronnie, and females Meena and Tallulah – the family’s baby at just five-months old – to ensure their skin doesn’t become too dry.

Assistant Curator, Richard Brown, said:?“We’ve tried various creams but find that good old baby oil works best.

“Tapirs’ skin has a tendency to react to dry weather conditions, so we apply the oil every three to four days to make sure it stays in good condition.

“They have quite sensitive skin so it’s important we do it regularly. The treatment takes minutes to apply and the tapirs really like it – they also smell lovely afterwards!”

CAPTION: Trainee keeper Cerys Grove applies the twice-weekly massage treatment to male  Brazilian tapir, Chico, in the South American ungulates paddock.