Tall order for primate painters

Lower Primate Keepers faced a tall order when it came to repainting the chimpanzees’ 25 foot high indoor den.


Senior Keeper Stacey Ball climbs the ladder to begin painting the walls of the chimp house

The team spent three days sprucing up the den and night-time area for the seven girls, who soaked up the sunny weather outside for the duration of the work.

Trainee Keeper, Shaun Crompton said: “We looked at the weather forecast and made sure we picked dry days to complete the work in, so the girls would be okay outside while we painted.

“We came into work at 6am and began washing down the walls and rubbing down the metalwork, before we started painting, so we were able to give it as long as possible to dry out before the girls came each night.”


Trainee Keeper, Jade Reddall, gets to work with her paintbrush

Shaun added: “It was certainly a challenge to get to the top and we had to borrow ladders of all sizes from across the zoo site, but we managed it.

“It’s really bright now, although the girls have already started messing it up, so it won’t look newly-painted for too long!”