Talking conservation

The importance of captive breeding programmes was the topic under discussion when DZG Registrar and Research Co-ordinator Dr David Beeston addressed a group of university students.


Dr Beeston, pictured above, spoke to a group of 30 second year degree students on an animal behaviour and wildlife conservation course at the University of Wolverhampton.

And eight of the students have been selected by their tutor to carry out exciting research projects at DZG.

Some of topics the chosen students will investigate at the zoo, as part of their third year studies, include:

·      How visitors affect penguin behaviour in Penguin Bay

·      The social hierarchy of our macaque group

·      The dynamics within our group of seven female chimpanzees

·      The effect various enrichment activities have on our Sumatran tigers

Dr Beeston, who was accompanied by DZG Lower Primates Section Leader Nicola Wright, said: “We were explaining the zoo’s role in conservation and how we organise breeding programmes.

“The talk was very well received and we look forward to seeing how the eight students get on with their in-depth research with us.”