Loving our lions

Today is World Lion Day and it’s with great pride that we celebrate our two marvellous lionesses and all lions around the globe. Our Asiatic lionesses, Kyra and Asha, will be getting extra treats in their one-acre Lion Ridge paddock today. And we’re asking visitors to enjoy seeing our special sisters and to reflect on the […]

A grrr-eat amount for lions

We had a roarsome World Lion Day as visitors helped us raise a fantastic £663.83. Huge thanks to everyone who visited us at Lion Ridge on August 10 as we raised awareness of the threats Asiatic lions face. Senior Keeper Sarah Evans and Trainee Keeper Adam Davey manned an information stand throughout the day, where […]

Majestic lions

We’re joining a global campaign to celebrate the most majestic of all big cats today. It’s World Lion Day and we’re raising awareness of their plight on Planet Earth. We’ll be manning an information and biofact stand outside the one-acre enclosure throughout the day where visitors can discover the threats lions face and ways you […]