Emergency rations

Male sealion Oba enjoyed some emergency rations when keepers tucked treats into old fire hose donated by West Midlands Fire Service. The 18-year-old Patagonian sealion, who weighs in at more than 37 stone, loved freeing sprats from the plaited hose feeding device, which was made by Keepers Cheyenne Darkins and Josh Luxton to make his snack […]

Reel kind!

It was reel kind of West Midlands Fire Service to donate old reels of fire hose and hosepipes to DZG. Glen Neighbour, from Dudley fire station, and Dave Neat, stores manager from West Midlands Fire Service HQ in Birmingham, generously handed over the spare supplies which will be used with our animals. The donation included […]

Chairlift training exercise

Our passenger-carrying chairlift provided the ideal scenario for rope rescue training for West Midlands Fire Service’s Technical Rescue Unit. During a staged incident involving the team from Wednesbury Fire Station, DZG’s Curator Richard Brown, pretended to be stuck on the chairlift, before being rescued and lowered to the ground by the team. White Watch Crew Commander, […]