Perfect pupils!

As part of our Carnivore Week, visitors may have seen our keepers undertaking training sessions with some of our big cats. A successful training programme is important in helping zoo keepers take care of their animals, with training undertaken for a variety of husbandry reasons, including moving animals and getting them to voluntarily participate in […]

Otter training on target

Training DZG’s three Asiatic short-clawed otters, Buddy, Keyah and Minnie, is right on target thanks to the efforts of Senior Keeper Laura Robbins.   Laura began target training our three otters just a few weeks ago, but the trio are proving to be very fast learners as she’s already managed to get them to stand […]

Dave’s a star pupil!

Keeper Cheyenne Darkins is hard at work training our three Carpathian lynx and Dave is proving to be her star pupil. The seven-year-old lynx is excelling at the target training sessions, so much so he’s flying ahead of Daisy and son, Dakota who are still only getting to grips with the basics. Cheyenne said: “I […]

Reindeer learn the ropes!

The reindeer herd are enjoying their daily visits to the 11th century castle courtyard as part of our Winter Wonderland grotto. And for the first time, our 2017 youngsters, Ivy, Doreen and Basil have been learning the ropes so they too can join Santa. Trainee Keeper, Ellis Robinson, has been working with the herd over […]

Training on target

Training is on target for Chester, our Colombian Black Spider Monkey, thanks to the efforts of Keeper Jade Reddall. The Lower Primates section keeper has been busy station training Chester, the group’s nine-year-old dominant male. Jade said: “Whenever we have to try and give medication or do something to any of the other three monkeys […]

Birthday pandas

It’s birthday week in the red panda enclosure as Yasmin and Gawa celebrate their special days. Yasmin – pictured above – is 12 today, while Gawa – pictured below – turned two last week. The colourful pair were given their favourite pear and banana treats by Trainee Keeper, Josh Luxton, who is currently spending time […]