School's out!

School’s out and summer’s here and Reggie’s taking it all his stride! Come and discover fascinating facts about our two-toed sloth and take part in a sloth trail for the chance to win an adoption of the newest resident. DZG Marketing Manager Andrea Hales said: “Reggie is already causing lots of excitement with visitors and Continue reading School’s out!

Three reasons to be cheerful!

There’ll be plenty of celebrating today as one of our heaviest animals, our youngest macaque and our newest arrival all share their birthdays. Our huge male Patagonian sealion Oba turns 18, our littlest Sulawesi crested black macaque Summer is three and our most recent resident Ellie the binturong has her first birthday. DZG Keepers will Continue reading Three reasons to be cheerful!

Carpets of colour

Our gardeners have had a busy few days planting the site with thousands of colourful flowers. The team have transformed the formal beds around the medieval castle, as well as the turnstile entrance, borders around the chairlift, pots outside the Queen Mary Restaurant and for the first time, the borders on top of the former Continue reading Carpets of colour