Baby birds!

Our 40-acre wooded site is home to lots of wild birds and over the last few weeks we’ve been keeping a little secret, which we know some of you discovered for yourselves! Our big cat keepers have been keeping a close eye on a family of robins, who took up residence in the public walk-in […]


Peepo! A young Bennett’s wallaby has made its debut appearance in the spring sunshine. The joey has yet to fully appear outside of its mother’s pouch, but keepers have spotted it having an initial nose around first, before deciding to take the leap! The marsupials, also known as red-necked wallabies, give birth after a gestation […]

Spring brings babies!

Spring’s in the air and we’ve welcomed new babies to DZG, just in time for the Easter holidays! Yesterday we revealed our newborn capuchin, but today we can introduce you to a pair of pygmy marmosets, a barbary sheep and the first reindeer calf of the year! Oakley the barbary sheep was born on March […]

Signs of spring

We’re seeing the first signs of spring here at DZG with beautiful blooming snowdrops. Impressive carpets of the delicate white flowers are popping up across the wooded hillside and in animal enclosures around our picturesque 40-acre site. You’ll  be able to enjoy the flowers for the next few weeks if you’re planning a visit to […]