Penguins settle in!

It’s World Penguin Day and our three new Humboldt arrivals are settling in well to their new home! Bird Keepers have now integrated the youngsters with our resident five penguins in the public walkthrough exhibit and they’re all getting on swimmingly! You’ll be able to tell them apart for the time being as the juveniles, […]

It’s World Penguin Day

We’re celebrating our popular black and white aquatic birds today as it’s World Penguin Day! And we’re delighted to have raised £252.91 through our fundraising efforts on Sunday in aid of Sphenisco, which works to protect Humboldt penguins in their native Chile and Peru. Zoo bosses have also donated the sales of Sunday’s nectar pots […]

Raising funds for penguins

Ahead of next week’s World Penguin Day, we’ll be raising awareness and funds on Sunday for our most popular birds on site! Bird keepers will be raising money for Sphenisco, which works in Chile and Peru to save the Humboldt penguin from extinction. Visitors can find out more out the species, as well as helping us raise […]