Elfie selfie!

There was just time for a quick s-elfie in our Winter Wonderland grotto today, as our elves gear up for their busiest night of the year. Elves Sarah Holt, Lauren Westwood and Charlotte Burrows are some of the top team who have been welcoming thousands of youngsters to our magical grotto set inside the 11th […]

Sunday selfie!

Chimp Malaika was caught checking herself out when she saw her reflection on her keeper’s phone. Senior Primate Keeper Jodie Dryden snapped the smiley shot of the chirpy chimpanzee as she held out her mobile phone on selfie mode. Jodie said: “It was hilarious when Malaika was checking herself out on the phone and smiling […]

A fab family photo!

Smile! Our gelada baboons are getting in on the selfie act in this fab family photo! Here’s dad, Ebano, proudly showing off his brood – females Jimma, Tana and Addis and his three boys, Billie, Ambo and little Gimbi in their half-acre natural hillside enclosure. See our gelada troop opposite the Safari Shop and why not […]