P-p-pick up a present!

Penguins may top the list in the popularity stakes but there’s plenty to p-p-pick from if you’re after an animal adoption as a great gift. Each year the black and white birds tend to be the most adopted creatures in the zoo but this year newcomers binturongs Ellie and Elliot, naked mole rat Fupi and […]

Raising penguin awareness

We’re celebrating the wonderful world of penguins today as we raise awareness about the fascinating flightless birds. Penguin Awareness Day falls annually on January 20 and shines the spotlight on the popular black and white birds, whose numbers are dwindling day by day. Here at DZG we hold a colony of 80 Humboldts, living in […]

Throwback Thursday

We’re delving back in to the DZG archive again today and look back to the early 1970’s when three Dudley Zoo keepers spent three months in the Falkland Islands to bring back 90 gentoo and rockhopper penguins and 12 elephant seals. The staff had to spend a few weeks on the island as they waited for the boat […]