Boxing Day fruit feast

DZG’s colourful collection of lories and lorikeets have been filmed enjoying a delicious Boxing Day fruity feast. Head of Birds Nicola Wright said: “Because the zoo is generally quieter over the winter period, there are fewer visitors feeding nectar to the birds so we put out extra fruit for them to enjoy. “It’s wonderful to […]

More macaws move in!

Our scarlet macaw aviary is bursting with even more colour after the arrival of four gorgeous green military macaws. The four newcomers have joined our eight stunning scarlet macaws in their impressive £30,000 home near Lemur Wood. The military macaws arrived three weeks ago from Paradise Park in Hayle, Cornwall – the same place the […]

Talking animals in Athens

DZG Curator Richard Brown and Head of Birds Nicola Wright are buzzing with ideas after attending an animal conference in Greece. The EAZA (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria) Annual Conference at Attica Zoo in Athens was attended by 700 zookeepers and animal experts from across Europe. Nicola, a first-time delegate at the EAZA Annual […]

Humboldt headcount

Bird keepers are p-p-pleased to reveal we’ve got 74 Humboldt penguins – including seven babies – after their September stock-take. Each September, once the breeding and moulting season is over, we take time to check over and count each bird in the colony, identify them by their flipper bands and scan their microchips. The seven […]

A perfect pair

We’re delighted a female grey-capped emerald dove is proving a perfect pairing for our male. Bird keepers at DZG are now hoping the successful match could mean the colourful couple go on to breed next year. The male came to us in March from Waddesdon Manor in Buckinghamshire and the female only arrived six weeks […]

Flamingo forum

DZG Head of Birds Nicola Wright has attended a flamingo forum on coping with any future outbreak of avian influenza in the UK. The section leader received a certificate after attending the ABWAK (Association of British and Irish Wild Animal Keepers) Flamingo Keepers’ Workshop on bird biosecurity, hosted by ZSL London Zoo on July 26. […]