Elf discovers a new arrival!

Dudley the zoo elf discovered an early Christmas present for our bird keepers –it’s our newest DZG arrival – a female Victoria crowned pigeon. The impressive blue-grey coloured bird, is the largest pigeon species in the world and is distinguished by the spectacular fanned crest of white-tipped feathers on its head and its striking red Continue reading Elf discovers a new arrival!

Festive fun with Dudley the elf!

Meet Dudley, the zoo elf, who’s entertaining our Instagram followers with his festive exploits in the run-up to Christmas. It’s his job to spread some extra Crimbo cheer across the 40-acre site with behind-the-scenes posts with our staff and exotic species. So far he’s been snapped feeding our Humboldt penguins, having fun down on the Continue reading Festive fun with Dudley the elf!

Follow us on Instagram!

Have you followed our Instagram page yet? Led by our zoo keepers, our page – dudley.zoo (note the dot!) regularly posts behind-the-scenes photos and videos of our 1,200 strong animal collection and zoo events. DZG Press Officer Rachel Hickman, said: “The page is run by our keeping staff and they’re the ones who are able Continue reading Follow us on Instagram!