Giant trees for minute mice

Two of DZG’s giant beech trees have been felled and branches given to some of our tiniest creatures – three spiny mice. The 100ft-tall tree at the golden pheasant enclosure has been severely cut back and the beech near the giraffe feeding platform, which was around the same height, has been removed completely. Other offcuts […]

Four pigs turn six

Brothers Hamm, Wilba, Chuck and Little Ernie pigged out on birthday boxes full of treats as they are about to turn six. The four piggy brothers enjoyed ripping into gift-wrapped boxes stuffed with straw, pellets, apple and carrot ahead of their sixth birthday tomorrow. And the eve of their special day couldn’t be a better […]

Sammy sss-settles in!

The beloved childhood pet of our Conservation Officer Chris Leeson has joined the zoo and is sss-settling in well to his new abode. Sammy the corn snake was given to Chris as a 13th birthday present by his parents, but 13 years on he can no longer live with his devoted owner. So Chris, who […]

A trio of hatchlings

Three gecko hatchlings born in DZG’s Reptile House have taken up residence down on the Farm. Two tiny Standing’s day geckos, born on August 7 and 10, and a tokay gecko which hatched on May 7 have just moved into a special hatchling area in the farm barn. Senior Keeper Kirsty Thornton said: “The geckos […]

Mud, mud, glorious mud!

As the glorious sunshine continues, wallowing in mud has several health and beauty benefits for our micro-pigs. Not only is mud great fun for Wilba, Chuck and their brothers down on the DZG Farm, it keeps them cool, helps them clean themselves, gets rid of parasites and acts as a natural sunscreen. Senior Keeper Kirsty […]

Piggin’ out

Our six micro pigs had a cracking time when keepers laid on a post-Easter egg hunt for them. Staff down on the Farm at Dudley Zoo kept their empty Easter egg boxes to fill with a fruity feast for the hungry hogs. Senior Keeper Lesley Lewis said: “We filled the boxes with hay, apple and […]

Animal architecture

Our female guinea pigs are enjoying an extension to their castle enclosure – and its architecture is very in-keeping with DZG. The seven girls – all named after Disney characters – now have a curvy Tecton replica of our meerkat enclosure linked to their castle hideout. There is a tunnel joining the two structures, which […]

Ebony’s exoskeleton

Young school visitors can get an idea of the full scale of our super-sized spider, as we’ve boxed one of her moults. When Ebony the Brazilian salmon pink bird-eating tarantula last shed her skin, keepers down on the Farm decided to put it in a clear box so school visitors can get close to the […]

School’s out!

With many schools breaking up for Easter today, it’s an egg-cellent time to play at DZG! We’ve had impressive new play equipment installed at two of our play areas, just in time for the holidays. And first to try it out was seven-year-old Rebecca Bailey from Bath, whose school holiday started even earlier. The new […]