The lynx effect!

Dudley Zoo’s Carpathian lynx Daisy went wild for a new scent sprayed on her climbing frame. Keeper Josh Luxton squirted one of the perfumes donated to DZG early last year on to the wooden frame in her enclosure and she loved it. In our video, the beautiful female can be seen rubbing her head up […]

Evergreen enjoyment

It’s time to take down the trimmings, so our animals are helping recycle festive firs from the zoo’s Winter Wonderland Grotto. As we hit Twelfth Night, traditionally time to take down Christmas trees and decorations to avoid bad luck, dozens of firs from the 11th century castle courtyard are now being used for New Year enrichment. […]

Warm support from Iceland

Warm-hearted Dudley staff from frozen food giant Iceland have pledged to support DZG’s orangs and our new enclosure appeal. The team from Iceland in the Churchill Shopping Centre has committed to helping the zoo’s orangs as an extension of the eco-friendly chain’s national campaign to save critically-endangered orangs in the wild. For the next year, […]

Loving the leaves

Fallen leaves are providing piles of fun – and the odd snack – for our primate collection here at DZG. Keepers across our lower and upper primate sections collect leaf litter to make feeding times more interesting for the animals and many, including our black howler monkeys, like to munch on the crispier ones. Senior […]

Wheely generous gesture!

It was wheely generous of the garage owners at the centre of Channel 4’s Car SOS to give us dozens of spare tyres. The 24 used tyres were offered to DZG by Keeper Harley Hunt’s mechanic dad Tony Hunt, who works at Fuzz and Tim’s SOS Workshop in Oldbury, for use with our animals. Workshop […]

A rip-roaring hour

Our two Sumatran tigers had a rip-roaring time when they tore apart an enrichment device made by their keeper. Big Cat Keeper Cheyenne Darkins put smelly giraffe bedding around a block of wood and wrapped it in a woven enrichment toy she made from old fire hose. And we caught the big cat couple on […]

A sweet-smelling sample!

Our big cats have gone crazy for an exclusive perfume which contains some wholly natural ingredients – wee and poo to be precise! The luxury artisan fragrance for men and women, which retails at £128 for a 50ml bottle, contains fossilised excrement and urine from the Cape hyrax – a small, fluffy mammal from Africa. […]

Birthday boxes

Giant anteater Romy had to box clever today to find her birthday surprises stashed inside cardboard boxes. Keeper Josh Luxton stuffed empty boxes with scrunched up newspaper, dried mealworms and bottles of yogurt as a treat for Romy on her third birthday. She was first to approach the boxes and then our one-year-old male, Bubbles, […]

Bubbles for Bubbles!

DZG Keeper Josh Luxton couldn’t wait to pop to our giant anteater paddock to see what our new male Bubbles made of bubbles. Using a bubble wand, Josh sent a trail of bubbles into the paddock and Bubbles burst out of his indoor area to investigate. Friendly one-year-old Bubbles joined us from Longleat Safari Park […]