A thankful shout out!

Black howler monkey, Shelby, is helping us shout out our thanks to a generous visitor, who sent us a £40 donation following a talk she gave about her DZG keeper for a day experience. Monica Catley, from Telford, spoke to a church fellowship group about her day meeting some of the world’s rarest animals including big […]

21st keeper day treat

DZG Presenter Heather John treated her sister, Beth, to a 21st birthday to remember – as she became a zoo keeper for the day! Trainee primary school teacher, Beth travelled from Chester to join Heather and our keeping team, as they helped feed and care for some of the site’s rarest animals, including tigers, giraffes, […]

Taïga’s out!

Female snow leopard, Taïga, has taken her first steps into the outside enclosure. The one year-old has been off-show since her arrival earlier this month from Beauval ZooParc in France but was given access to the hardstand area this morning, with male, Margaash, separated in the main part of the enclosure. Assistant Curator, Jay Haywood, […]

Hallowe’en treats

It’s Hallowe’en and carved pumpkins are going down a treat for DZG’s animals! Many of the site’s animals, large and small will be tucking into hollowed-out pumpkins today as part of seasonal enrichment from keepers. DZG Media and Communications Officer, Rachel Hickman, said: “Following our Hallowe’en events throughout half term we had a lot of […]

Mali’s reading hour!

DZG’s chimpanzee, Mali, enjoyed the extra hour in bed this morning to read her new book! With the clocks going back 60 minutes at 2am, to signal the end of British Summer Time, the 22 year-old was able to snuggle down in her cosy blanket with her colourful wildlife book for that bit longer, until keepers arrived […]

Celebrating lemurs!

We’re celebrating some of DZG’s most popular creatures this weekend as part of World Lemur Festival. And we’re using this opportunity to introduce you to Tom and Jerry – our newly-sexed and named ring-tailed boys! The youngsters were born to Phoebe and Frank in April and are proving popular additions to our walkthrough wood. And […]

DZG’s nocturnal activities

When the zoo shuts for the day and the animals are locked away, we’ve captured footage of some of our native wildlife who come out to play! DZG Conservation Officer, Chris Leeson has set up special night vision camera traps in certain areas of the 40-acre site and caught on camera badgers and foxes – […]

Spider-Girl Sarah!

Spiders may be one of the most feared animal species in the world, but for DZG’s Weekend Keeper, Sarah Redding, they’re a life’s passion! Currently the 40 year-old owns 23 tarantulas which she keeps in tanks in her bedroom, including the world’s largest – the Goliath birdeater, called Bridget, who’s the size of a dinner […]

Little Pascal’s big personality!

Despite standing at just 20cm tall, little Pascal the burrowing owl has a big personality! The five month-old was abandoned by his parents when he was just a week old and bird keepers stepped in to rear the youngster. The owl, who weighs a mere 134g now considers the staff his parents, noisily chirping whenever […]